Dam Site 15A

Damsite 15a

Dam Site 15A is one of 15 proposed regional detention basins in the Papillion Creek Watershed Management Plan . Dam Site 15A, a 225-acre lake, is proposed to be located on the North Branch of West Papillion Creek in Douglas County near 168th and Fort Streets. This project will address the immediate need for flood control in the Omaha metropolitan area and areas downstream along West Papillion Creek.

Dam Site 15A will also:

  • Improve water quality in the Papillion Creek Watershed
  • Introduce an aquatic ecosystem including fisheries
  • Create and enhance wildlife habitat
  • Provide recreational benefits to the community.

The Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (P-MRNRD), the City of Omaha, and members of the Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership initiated preliminary design for Damsite 15A in early 2010. The project includes:

  • Development of recreational plans and design
  • Investigations of potential environmental impacts
  • Identification of funding sources.

Public workshops were held on June 29th and August 26th, 2010. During these workshops, many questions were raised about the decision to build Dam Site 15A, the cost of the project, and the impact on the surrounding community. It is the goal of P-MRNRD and the City of Omaha to make sure the public is informed of the progress of the project. Click here for a copy of the latest project newsletter.

Land Acquisition Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held regarding land acquistion for the Dam Site 15A project on July 10, 2014 as part of the P-MRNRD Board of Directors meeting at 7 p.m. at the Natural Resources Center located at 8901 S. 154th Street, Omaha, Nebraska.  You can find copies of the reports listed as exhibits at the hearing below:

Previous Newsletters:

To learn more about this project, please contact Lori Laster, P-MRNRD Project Manager at (402) 444-6222 or llaster@papionrd.org.

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