Project Description

Improved stormwater management within the Papillion Creek Watershed has been the on-going objective of the Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership since its formation in August 2001. The Papillion Creek Watershed covers approximately 402 square miles of drainage area extending from northern Washington Country southward through Douglas and Sarpy counties and ultimately discharges to the Missouri River south of Bellevue.

In 2009, the Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership, with input and feedback from stakeholders and the public, formulated a three-tiered Papillion Creek Watershed Management Plan.

This plan consists of strategies for water quality improvements, low impact development and the design and construction of 12 water quality basins and 15 regional detention basins to provide earlier flood protection to the City of Omaha and surrounding areas.

A 3 year implementation schedule of projects, from 2010 to 2013, has been prioritized based on the projects flood reductions benefits to their surrounding areas. These projects include:

  • Damsite 15A - a 225-acre lake, is proposed to be located on the North Branch of West Papillion Creek in Douglas County near 168th and Fort Street. Read more
  • WP-5 - a 133 acre lake, will be located in Sarpy County near 126th and Cornhusker Road. Read more
  • Zorinsky Lake Water Quality Basin No. 1 - a wetland located on Boxelder Creek in western Douglas County
  • Lake Cunningham Water Quality Basin - located on an unnamed tributary upstream of Lake Cunningham in northern Douglas County. | Copyright © 2009 | All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement