Education and Outreach

Public Education

Our Public Education program helps to raise awareness regarding stormwater management in the watershed and to clarify common misconceptions of stormwater issues. The ultimate goal of the Public Education program is to raise citizen’s awareness of common daily activities, such as car maintenance and yard care, that can adversely impact water quality and to prevent those seemingly harmless activities from becoming causes of water pollution. Public education facilitates pollution prevention at the source, which is preferable to the high costs of pollution treatment downstream.

You may request that a water quality professional speak to your community by completing the online form.

Request a Water Quality Professional

Getting the Message Out

The City of Omaha and the Phase II communities are working together to get the message out that stormwater in the Papillion Creek Watershed is an important issue. Brochures are being developed to provide information on where to drop off hard to get rid of items, such as latex and oil based paints, automotive fluids, car batteries, pesticides, and household cleaning products.


UnderTheSink accepts many of those hard to get rid of items for all residents in Douglas and Sarpy County. has additional information about items that can be dropped off, and alternative products.

The Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership will represent Omaha and the Phase II communities at a variety of events to promote good housekeeping practices in and around your home. Billboard messages are scheduled for display and will be designed to raise awareness about pet waste, used oil disposal, and the UnderTheSink facility. Public service announcements will be aired on Clear Channel radio stations to promote the use of the UnderTheSink facility and raise awareness that the facility is a free service for residents in Douglas and Sarpy County.

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