Partnership Projects

The Partnership's first project was to complete a study of water quality and quantity issues in the 402 mile watershed. Local funding and an EPA Watershed grant was used to contract HDR Engineering, Inc. to complete the study and produce a report titled "Maximizing the Value of the Papillion Creek Watershed". HDR Engineering, Inc. partnered with EA Engineering, Science and Technology (EA) to assist with the water quality modeling, and Bailey Lauerman to assist with communication and public relations.

"Maximizing the Value of the Papillion Creek Watershed" was completed in March 2003. The results of the study concluded that new growth is currently consuming 4.5 square miles per year. This rate of growth will increase surface runoff and increase the likelihood of flooding and water quality impairment. Best Management Practices (BMPs) designed to mitigate the impacts of urbanization have not been implemented in the watershed. Additional evaluation of the watershed is necessary to better characterize the hydrology, to evaluate the feasibility of regional detention structures, and to implement non-structural BMPs.

Although the Partnership members are committed to contributing funds to complete additional projects, the Partnership continues to seek grants to fund an ambitious list of projects. Future projects identified to date are to develop a Watershed Master Plan, host public meetings to solicit input from the community that will be incorporated into the Master Planning process, develop a stormwater ordinance so that stormwater is managed similarly throughout the watershed, and raise the level of awareness throughout the Papillion Creek Watershed about stormwater issues. | Copyright © 2009 | All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement